Triple T Cabins

Phase 3 of our resort is well under way.  We are in the process of building large 1 bedroom, 1 bath cabins with full kitchens and a good size covered porch to enjoy sitting outside.

Update- 2.1.16

The first 15 cabins are complete and are all rented out.  Now it is time to start the 2nd half of phase 3, which is 15 more cabins.  For our 2nd half of phase 3 we are going to erect all 15 cabins first and then start completing the insides of them.

Update- 5.2.16

 All 15 of the new cabins are now erect.  We still need to put the metal roofs on 4 of them.  One of the cabins will be finished out and be complete by June 1st.

Update- 10.4.16

We have now finished 23 cabins, which completes the top section of cabins.  We are now working on the first cabin in the middle half of the Triple T property.  Only 7 more cabins to complete then we will have to find another project.  Maybe more cabins??

Update- 3.17.17

Wow!  All of our cabins are built.  We still have a few left to put the finishing touches on.  Our next project may be the remodeling the building next to the swimming pool.

Cabins are available for annual lease with security deposit.

Amenities include: swimming pool, hot tub, exercise room, laundry and security gate.