New Refrigerator in RV

Our Norcold refrigerator finally bit the dust.  It was going to be about $2,500 for a new one or about $1000 to fix the existing one.  It never kept our food as cold as we would like anyway so we decided to go for a residential refrigerator.  First, we had to find one that would fit in the space of the old Norcold unit.  It was more shallow, shorter and more narrow than most residential units.  Finally, we found one that fit the specs (mostly).  We had to remove a window to bring the old refer out and put the new one in. We had about 1/2 inch clearance around the new unit.  It was close!

Finally, the residential unit is in the RV.  Wahooo!

This is what the final product looked like.  It is a little deeper than the old fridge and sticks out a little into the kithcen more that the old one but it is well worth it.   We took a week long trip for spring break and I loved having a full size refrigerator.  I am very happy with our choice.